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Man packing cardbox Finding the right moving company can save you from the massive hassle and stress of moving to a new home. When you need exceptional moving and storage services, choose Economic Movers and Delivery in Houston, TX. Let us handle the packing, transferring, and reassembling of your belongings while you relax and spend your time on more important tasks.


We Offer the Following Moving Services:

Residential Moving

Leaving your home and moving to another place is an exciting adventure. You should be able to focus on the positive points of your move and not stress about the packing and heavy lifting. Let us do the heavy work for you.


Commercial Moving

When you choose to move your business from one location to another, there are a lot of factors to consider. Re-establishing yourself quickly is important. You also need to be able to ensure item arrive to your new location in one piece. You have to consider how long you can afford to be out of commission. For most business owners, they want to be in their new building and operating as soon as possible.

Commercial Buildings We Have Moved Include:

Loading and Unloading Pods and Rental Trucks

If you've rented a large truck or pod for your move, it may be too much to handle for one person. This is especially true if you have large, heavy furniture. We offer help loading and unloading for these circumstances.


We Can Help You With:

Packing Service

When you're moving, one of the most difficult, time-consuming tasks can be packing. It can be hard to decide what goes where in order to avoid damage and breakage. We are very knowledgeable in smart packing methods and can assist you.


Benefits of Using Our Packing Service:

Furniture Assembly

Large, complex pieces of furniture can be incredibly confusing to disassemble when you're moving. In addition, you have to remember how it went together so you can reassemble them. This is a service we provide so you don't have to do it yourself!


Types of Furniture We Can Help With Include:

Let Us Help With Your Move

Our experienced movers are trained in techniques that make the moving process more effective and organized. Hiring our company may be able to provide you with assistance and stress relief from the chore of moving. If you're interested in making your move go smoother and faster, call us today at 832-778-6683!